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Lady Tao
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Lady Tao
23rd Aug 2012 · Last

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Lady Tao
23rd Aug 2012 · Last
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23rd Aug 2012

1. No bullying. If you have a conflict with someone, talk it out with them. If you feel it's getting too hostile, come to me and I may be able to help. But I wont get involved.
2. Please refrain from saying anything too offensive, or extremely hurtful. Calling someone an asshole I suppose is fine if it's in a joking manner, but if it gets to a point where you call someone a c*nt, then we're gonna have a problem.
3. NO DRAMA. Again, if you have a PROBLEM with someone, PLEASE talk it out with them, or just ignore each other. I WILL perma-ban you if I have to.
4. This website is to relax from a hard day of work or school, so try not to focus on things that happened, and just try to relax when playing these games
5. Try to keep topics where they SHOULD be. Example: If you want to post real life pictures, and you don't know where exactly to put it, come to me and I will direct you, or just make a new thread to put it in

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Forum » General » Rules Locked
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